City Commissions & Boards

The City of Tower’s boards and commissions have been established primarily to advise the City with respect to a wide variety of municipal functions and activities. The Tower City Council holds the right to establish boards and commissions and, by ordinance, detail their responsibilities and duties. Boards and commissions have also been established by “Joint Powers” with another governmental entity that are provided by statute or by the court.

 Airport Commission

The Airport Commission assumes responsibility for all aspects of the operations, maintenance and development of the Tower Municipal Airport. The Commission also represents the Tower Municipal Airport to all public and private entities regarding all aspects of the airport and its management. The Airport Commission was established by City of Tower Ordinance 86 (2007).

Regular meetings are 4th Tuesday of each month at 10:30am at Arrival & Departure Building at Airport.

Authority: Ordinance 86 (2007)


John Burgess

Kevin Norby

Lori Schanche

Michael Schultz

Rick Worringer

 Agendas & Minutes

04/27/2021 Regular Meeting  Agenda
11/26/2019 Regular Meeting  Approved Minutes

 Ambulance Commission

The Tower Area Ambulance Commission is a partnership of Tower Area Ambulance Service and surrounding local governments covered within a primary service area that is established by State statute (Minn Stat. 144E.06) and licensed under State Emergency Medical Service Regulatory Board (#244). Representatives from Townships, Bois Forte tribal lands, Fortune Bay and City of Tower meet to review and discuss current and future ambulance vehicle needs (time, type, usage, funding and methods to ensure adequate financial resources) for the Tower Area ambulance replacement on a prudent schedule.

The Commission regularly meets the first Monday of January, April, July, and October. Representatives are appointed by their respective governing bodies.


Bob Anderson
City of Tower Representative

Jeff Damm
Fortune Bay Representative

Larry McCray
Eagle's Nest Township Representative

Rick Stoehr
Greenwood Township Representative

Dena Suihkonen
Ambulance Director

Julie Suihkonen
Kugler Township Representative

Chuck Tekautz
Breitung Township Representative

Frank Zobitz
Vermilion Lake Township Representative

Embarrass Township Representative

 Agendas & Minutes

08/24/2022 Special Meeting  Agenda
06/27/2022 Regular Meeting  Agenda  Supplements  Approved Minutes
04/04/2022 Regular Meeting  Agenda  Approved Minutes
01/03/2022 Regular Meeting  Agenda  Approved Minutes
12/06/2021 Regular Meeting  Agenda  Approved Minutes
10/04/2021 Regular Meeting  Agenda  Approved Minutes
08/02/2021 Regular Meeting  Agenda  Approved Minutes
04/05/2021 Regular Meeting  Agenda  Supplements  Approved Minutes
01/04/2021 Regular Meeting  Agenda  Supplements  Approved Minutes
10/05/2020 Regular Meeting  Agenda  Approved Minutes
07/06/2020 Regular Meeting  Agenda  Approved Minutes
04/06/2020 Regular Meeting  Agenda  Approved Minutes
03/02/2020 Regular Meeting  Agenda  Approved Minutes
 Reports & Documents

08/23/2021  EMSRB Rural Ambulance Assessment - Tower

 Board of Adjustments

The Board of Adjustment is charged with hearing and deciding matters of zoning appeals, zoning variances, and the establishment of legal nonconforming rights. The organization, duties, and procedures are defined in Ordinance 82, Article XX.


Joe Morin

Kevin Norby

Michael Schultz

Dena Suihkonen

 Agendas & Minutes

07/19/2016 Regular Meeting  Approved Minutes

 Forestry Board

The City of Tower holds a number of tracts of timber lands near the City. These are controlled and administered by the City Council with the advisement of the Forestry Board. The goal of management is for the perpetuation and conservation of these forests in the best interests of the City of Tower.

Authority: Charter of the City of Tower, Ch 13.01; Ordinance 72B.


Wayne Dahl
 Term Expires: December 31, 2023

Aaron Kania

Joe Morin
Tower City Councilor

Eric Norberg
 Term Expires: December 31, 2022

David Setterberg
 Term Expires: December 31, 2022

 Board of Appeal & Equalization

The purpose of the Board of Appeal and Equalization is to provide a fair and objective forum for property owners to appeal their valuation or classification. The local board often serves as the first formal step in the appeals process for taxpayers.

Local boards of appeal and equalization are required to hold a meeting between April 1 and May 31.

 Agendas & Minutes

05/07/2019 Regular Meeting  Approved Minutes
05/08/2018 Regular Meeting  Approved Minutes
04/25/2017 Regular Meeting  Approved Minutes
04/20/2015 Regular Meeting  Approved Minutes
04/14/2014 Regular Meeting  Approved Minutes

 Gundersen Trust

The Martin and Elizabeth Gundersen Trust was set up in 1991, with an initial donation of $400,000, which the city earned from sales of mostly lakefront and forestry land donated to the city by former Mayor Martin Gundersen and his wife Elizabeth. The trust was created to be used as a perpetual endowment for the City of Tower, its citizens and residents for “charitable, benevolent, educational, or other purposes”.

The Gunderson Trust meets periodically, at call of its Chair.

Authority: City Charter 12.01; Court Petition C8-92060722


Robert Anderson
Tower City Councilor

John Burgess

Jesse Gornick

Orlyn Kringstad

David Setterberg

Dena Suihkonen

Steve Wilson

 Agendas & Minutes

12/07/2022 Regular Meeting  Agenda  Supplements
12/21/2021 Special Meeting  Agenda  Supplements
11/30/2021 Special Meeting  Agenda  Supplements
09/23/2021 Special Meeting  Agenda  Supplements
02/24/2021 Special Meeting  Agenda  Approved Minutes
01/21/2021 Special Meeting  Agenda  Supplements  Approved Minutes
12/21/2020 Regular Meeting  Agenda  Approved Minutes
10/29/2020 Regular Meeting  Agenda  Supplements
06/22/2020 Regular Meeting  Approved Minutes
11/23/2019 Regular Meeting  Approved Minutes
10/17/2019 Regular Meeting  Approved Minutes
09/18/2019 Regular Meeting  Approved Minutes
07/09/2019 Regular Meeting  Approved Minutes
04/27/2017 Regular Meeting  Approved Minutes
03/30/2016 Regular Meeting  Approved Minutes
02/02/2015 Regular Meeting  Approved Minutes
10/09/2014 Regular Meeting  Approved Minutes
09/15/2014 Regular Meeting  Approved Minutes
05/07/2014 Regular Meeting  Approved Minutes
01/28/2014 Regular Meeting  Approved Minutes
 Reports & Documents

08/15/2018  Gundersen Trust 2018 Court Order
10/01/1992  Gundersen Trust 1992 Court Order
05/29/1990  Gundersen Trust 1990 Councilor Elton Report
01/01/1990  Gundersen Trust 1990-1991 Pre-Court Order Correspondence
02/15/1941  Gundersen Trust 1941 Resolution Accepting Land Donation

 Tower/Breitung Wastewater Board

The Tower-Breitung Wastewater Board operates and maintains two wells, a water plant, a wastewater plant, a water tower, two lift stations, and 15,000’ of force main line. for the residents of Tower and Soudan. This is under a Joint Powers Agreement for the City of Tower and Breitung Township (1997).

The Board meets the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 4:30. Due to Covid-19 the current meeting location is the Tower Civic Center


David Setterberg
City of Tower Mayor

Tim Tomsich
Breitung Township Supervisor

Josh Zika
Tower City Councilor

 Agendas & Minutes

11/15/2023 Regular Meeting  Approved Minutes
10/10/2023 Regular Meeting  Approved Minutes
09/05/2023 Special Meeting  Approved Minutes
08/17/2023 Regular Meeting  Approved Minutes
07/18/2023 Regular Meeting  Approved Minutes
06/20/2023 Regular Meeting  Approved Minutes
05/10/2023 Regular Meeting  Approved Minutes
04/18/2023 Regular Meeting  Approved Minutes
03/15/2023 Regular Meeting  Approved Minutes
02/17/2023 Regular Meeting  Approved Minutes
01/18/2023 Regular Meeting  Approved Minutes
12/15/2021 Regular Meeting  Approved Minutes
11/17/2021 Regular Meeting  Approved Minutes
10/20/2021 Regular Meeting  Approved Minutes
09/15/2021 Regular Meeting  Approved Minutes
08/18/2021 Regular Meeting  Approved Minutes
07/27/2021 Special Meeting  Approved Minutes
07/13/2021 Regular Meeting  Approved Minutes
06/09/2021 Regular Meeting  Approved Minutes
05/19/2021 Regular Meeting  Approved Minutes
04/21/2021 Regular Meeting  Approved Minutes
03/25/2021 Special Meeting  Approved Minutes
03/17/2021 Regular Meeting  Approved Minutes
02/10/2021 Regular Meeting  Approved Minutes
01/20/2021 Regular Meeting  Approved Minutes
 Reports & Documents

12/29/2017  TBWWB Joint Powers Agreement





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